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School is out for the summer! If you're looking for fun and easy at home sensory activities that will help maintain and improve those important school skills, this is it!  Scroll down to see all the benefits and a break down of the activity. This activity targets SO many skills. Here are just a few… ⭐️ Hand strengthening ⭐️ Upper extremity strengthening⭐️ Bilateral hand coordination (using both hands together)⭐️ Graded force⭐️ Tripod grasp⭐️ Precision⭐️ Proprioception⭐️ Letter & color recognition⭐️ Memory⭐️ Problem Solving ⭐️ In hand manipulation ⭐️ and SO MUCH MORE!!  HERE IS HOW WE DID IT! This is a super easy set up because it only requires TWO items, our non toxic play dough and these fun stampers. Now, lets break...

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