Take a break from your sensory activities to try this puzzle with tips from an OT...

Puzzle too hard??

Take a break from your sensory activities to Check out this video to see how we (Occupational Therapists) might break it down a little and then build upon those skills.


Here are some tips:

🧩 Don’t lay out all the puzzle pieces. This could be overwhelming. Instead bring only a few pieces you know go together out for them to start with.

🧩 Give then simple cues as needed. For this example, I would cue them with “1st, let’s look for the head.” Then body, tail, etc.

🧩 Repeat this process until you feel like it’s getting too easy. Then you can add in another set of puzzle or even mix up the pieces to increase the difficulty.

🧩 4 other ways you can use this same puzzle:
1. Separate puzzle pieces by animals.
2. Name the sound each animal makes.
3. Practice identifying which animals live at the zoo vs. farm.
4. Name what letter each animal starts with.

🧩 Store your puzzle organized so the next time you want to play with it you can easily grab how many ever sets your child is ready for!

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Nikki, Sensationally OT

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