Fine Motor Turkey Donuts - Tactile Sensory Activities

Fine Motor Turkey Donuts - Tactile Sensory Activities!

Gobble, gobble 🦃

Grab some donuts, toothpicks, fruit loops and create some turkeys for this Thanksgiving. I love this activity because it's fun and it has tons of fine motor benefits. Here is how you can make them:

1️⃣ Place 6 toothpicks in the backside of your donut hole.

2️⃣ You can have your little one sort all of one color per toothpick, or make it a little harder by having them copy a color sequence on each one.

You can also do a ton of fun and learning activities with the fruit loops:

🎨 Separate by Color / Name Colors
🔢 Practice Counting
🖖🏼 Practicing Stacking
🟥 Make Shapes
➕Practice Addition / Subtraction 
🥜 Food Exploration

 Try it out it out!


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Nikki, Sensationally OT

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