Take a Break from Sensory Play for Fine Motor Books

Take a Break from Sensory Play for Fine Motor Books

5 Types of Books I Love as an Occupational Therapist & Mom


As a mother & Occupational Therapist, I love reading with my children.  Let's take reading up a notch and add in some fine motor benefits with these kinds of books:

1️⃣ Lift a flap books
2️⃣ Poke A Dot books
3️⃣ All Better / Command following books
4️⃣ Sound button books
5️⃣ Various texture books

⬇️ Some of the benefits ⬇️

📚 Lots of fine motor skills: lifting the flaps, pointing to count, poking the dots, turning the pages, etc)
📚 Command following: clean it, kiss it, and put a bandaid on it OR count the frogs and push the correct number button.
📚 Tactile Exploration: Touching various textures and identifying them. Soft, scratchy, rough, bumpy, etc.

Do you kids reading as well?

A great addition to reading for fine motor practice is sensory play. Our Farming Friends sensory kit that comes with non toxic play dough

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Nikki, Sensationally OT

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