Take a break from your cool sensory toys for BTS LUNCHTIIME INDEPENDENCE

Take a break from your cool sensory toys for BTS LUNCHTIIME INDEPENDENCE

School is right around the corner!

We teamed up with Julia (IG @ot_mama_with_twins) to bring you some tips for back to school.  Here are some ways we, as OTs, practice lunch time skills at home with our children.


We understand the stress of have ANOTHER thing to practice. So we recommend serving a packed lunch at home is perfect because it’s built into your daily routine already! Here are our tips: 

⭐️ Practice during meal time at home.
⭐️ Serve a packed lunch and let them open the lunch box, practice with peeling fruits, opening containers, juice boxes, etc.
⭐️ If your child still required support, try:
🍊 Peeling a small piece of orange peel and let your kiddo finish (it helps to have a starting point).
🍌 Cutting a small slit in the tip of the banana to make peeling easier.
🍱Starting with Tupperware that has clasp closures.
👝ZipLock brand baggies have a larger space and colors at the top of the bag for fingers making opening easier.
🧃 Pre cut the straw wrapper on juice boxes for easy unwrapping.

I'm so bummed the summer is almost over and we have only one week until school goes back.  Here are some activities we have done this summer and are going to continue on the weekends once school is back in...

  • At home sensory activities (mr. bubble, kinetic sand, sand box, etc.)
  • water play (car wash, table wash, window wash, anything with water! oh, and our ocean sensory bin we made using the contents from this kit.)
  • tactile sensory activities (water play and sand box are our current favs)
  • art and craft toys (my daughter loves painting, clay projects, anything with makers, sand art kit)
  • play doh (so many fun play doh colors here)
  • activity boxes 
  • sensory kit subscription (check out the most current here)

Leave a back to school or sensory play question below!
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