Magic Spider Web Painting Activity Kit

Magic Spider Web Painting Activity Kit

Magic Spider Web

Painting Activity KIT

This activity literally takes 15 seconds to set up and it is so cool! Check out how we did it below:
🕷️ Grab a white paper & white crayon.
🕷️ Draw a spider web.
🕷️ Fill up a small cup with water & grab a paintbrush and black water paint.
🕷️ Let them paint away and discover the magic spider web.

OT tips for completing this activity:

  • If age appropriate, let your child draw the spider web. You could also just let your child scribble if they are younger, it will still be fun to discover whatever they put on the paper.  BONUS TIP: give them a short, broken crayon if they are struggling on grasp.
  • Have them help with set up: Pouring water into their cup (bilateral hand coordination), gather supplies (problem solving and memory).
  • You could also draw:
    • 🎃 Pumpkins
    • 👻 Ghosts
    • 🧙‍♀️ Witches
    • 🖍️ Have your child draw something.
    • 🔤 Draw letters or words & practice naming them as they paint.
    • 🔢 Draw number or shapes & name them as they find one.

🎃 My kids love art and craft toys and toy craft kits, do yours??


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