How I use an activity kit to enjoy dinner with toddlers...

How I use an activity kit to enjoy dinner with toddlers...

5 tips to enjoying dinner with toddlers...

Who doesn't want to enjoy a little adult time at dinner or maybe even eat a warm meal?!?? One simple way to do so is to keep an activity kit or bag in your car ready to go.  Check out this video and read below to see some easy tips I try to implement with my children....
🎒ACTIVITY BAG: Fill a bag with a few special toys or activities that they don't normally play with. This will increase their level of interest in the items. You could include things like play doh, a fun fidget toy (maybe a pop it), or any easy to carry activity boxes.

🚗 BAG IN CAR: Keep this bag in your car for easy access when you need it, and you will, trust me! 

👧🏽 LET THEM BE BORED: Don't offer an activity right away unless you see them restless. Let them fidget with their napkin, snack, juice, etc. Boredom is a good thing!
🧩 1 ITEM AT A TIME: Offering one item at a time will increase their attention to one task and lengthen the time they spend per activity.  You may have a few fun items in your bag, but if you offer too much at once they will play for a shorter period of time.  I would recommend starting with a color activity or maybe a mini playdough kit.  
🎒 EXTRA BAG: I keep a second bag in a closet at home to easily swap out when I see the interest level dropping for the toys in the current bag.
I promise these are super easy tips that you can implement BEFORE offering screen time. I'm not shaming screen time as I believe it is fine within moderation.
Check out our non toxic playdoughplay doh accessories,  and sensory playdough kits here.   We have so many fun play doh colors and combinations.  They make the perfect addition to any activity bag.  
What is your favorite dinner time activity?
Nikki Tejada, OTR/L
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