Looking for some fun summer sensory play activities??


Who doesn't like quick & easy? 👀✋🏼 Well, I present to you 3 fun sensory play ideas that are going to be a hit this summer! Not only will these cool sensory toys make you the fun mom, but they will give a chance to sit back and relax.

Here is what we did...

First up, ✨MAGNETIC TILES & DRY ERASE MARKERS 🧲  Grab some shapes and hand them the marker. Guide them in holding the shape with one hand and tracing with the other. Hello, bilateral coordination! Bonus ➡️ use a cotton ball or paper towel to wipe/trace away the shapes when finished.

Next, ✨ WINDOW CRAYONS 🖍  These are one of my fav summertime activities. Let them be young and wild while free coloring or have them practice drawing shapes or writing their names.

The grand finale, ✨ MR. BUBBLES SHAVING CREAM & WASHING 💦 You can spray some shaving cream on and have them draw shapes into the cream OR if they are old enough, let them spray shapes onto the window using the bottle, talk about hand strengthening. Now, the fun part.....grab a sponge, soap, and water and let them wash all that away!  

My kids have always loved tactile sensory activities and water play, so these are big hits in our household. The summer is a perfect time to throw together a small box with good sensory toys.  Leave it outside for easy access and thank me later!

What are your favorite at home sensory activities?

If you're looking for more sensory activities,  check out our two newest playdough kit form this months sensory subscription box...

Nikki Tejada, OTR/L

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