Who doesn't love water play ideas??

Who doesn't love water play ideas??

These 3 activities promote FUNctional life skills!


Who doesn’t want that? These are 3 of my "go to" activities when we are outside and I want my kids to enjoy themselves, but also have some hidden benefits.  Let them prep all the activities and walk through the steps with you, that’s part of the fun! You might even be able to sit back and relax while they do so. 😉

Here are a few skills things you can target in these activity:

⭐️ Command following 
⭐️ Fine motor skills 
⭐️ Hand strengthening 
⭐️ Bilateral hand coordination
⭐️ Working memory
⭐️ Problem solving
⭐️ Hand eye coordination
⭐️ Team work/sharing
⭐️ Turn taking
⭐️ Social interaction
⭐️ Responsibility
+ so much more!!

Read below to see the details of each activity.

ACTIVITY 1:  WASHING STATION:  Soap + water and wash away.  Let them wash any and all outdoor equipment they want like toy cars, picnic tables, play house, etc.  Give them sponges and scrub brushes and let them be young and wild.  Who doesn't love water play??

ACTIVITY 2:  WATER PLANTS:  They can grab a bucket, watering pail, or hose and water all plants.  If you want to add in a little extra hand strengthening you can let them use a squire bottle, my kids love this part.  

ACTIVITY 3:  PICNIC TIME:  Let them set the table, separate food, pluck gapes, etc.  They will love it an feel so independent and important, not to mention look at all that social interaction.  

I hope you got a little time to sit back and relax while your children played & learned!

Some of our other favorite outdoor activities:

  • Sand bin
  • Sensory activities
  • Premade sensory bins
  • Kinetic sand activities
  • Water bead activities
  • Any water play ideas that my kids come up with
  • Art and craft sets (Painting, etc)
  • Sand art kits (I prefer to do these outside)

Save this post and try it this weekend!


Nikki, Owner & Creator of Sensationally OT

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